Jazz City Milk Bar – The Hollywood Strike – Take 1

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Hollywood was alone in Sydney for a conference while The Chick was away in Asia. Here is his self narrated story.

I arrived in Sydney at night and was scheduled to be there for a couple of days. It was my intention to run wild with all the cluckers i could get my hands on. I was staying in the city. I checked in and ran straight to Jazz City Milk Bar to get another sweet crispy taste of Sydney’s good ol Fried Chicken before it was too late. I arrived just as the waitress was packing up the outdoor area. She saw me panting from my rush to be there. She knew i meant business. It’s fried clucks i want and she knew it damn well. I told her “ill be quick, I know what I want”. She understood my needs so she left one of the tables set up and I went for the Southern Fried Chicken burger packed with corn, Tobasco mayo and crisp lettuce with a side of creole french fries. The burger had the right blend. The 2 pieces of chicken were fried well, crunchy, and the tobasco mayo with the sweet corn gave a sweet and spicy taste.

It was good. It was damn good! Nuff said! Check out the photos:

2013-10-08 21.25.50

2013-10-08 21.25.36

2013-10-08 21.25.25

2013-10-08 21.31.55

2013-10-08 21.28.34

Hollywood’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks

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