NaruOne – The Hollywood Strike – Take 1

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It was my second day of my Sydney trip and i was determined to try another fine Sydney Fried Chicken establishment. I walked down from where i was staying to reach the underground Korean restaurant NaruOne. I had just done a long swim as was mighty hungry and all in time for some good chicken and beer.

Checking the reviews on the webby web i knew very well what i was going for. The Half/Half of original and sweet and spicy sauce fried chicken mix all accompanied with a cold Korean brewski. I was served the mountain of chooks and the challenge was on. The chicken was fried well, cut up Korean style which gave a mix of some odd pieces. The original style wasnt spiced much but was steamy hot and tasty. The sweet and spicy had a thick sauce covering the pieces. The sweet spot hit in the beginning and afterwards it was all spicy flavors. It was amazing! I ended up in a messy state of sauce and good old fried chicken but kept on going and it was all worth it. I highly recommend this for Korean style fried chicken if you’re in Sydney. (Especially since its open till 3am = extra points)

2013-10-09 19.13.58

2013-10-09 19.09.17

2013-10-09 19.09.27

2013-10-09 19.11.57

2013-10-09 19.10.33

2013-10-09 19.24.31

2013-10-09 19.24.28

2013-10-09 19.14.48

2013-10-09 19.34.04

2013-10-09 19.35.05

2013-10-09 19.37.45

2013-10-09 19.37.57

Hollywood’s Rating: 8/10Clucks

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Jazz City Milk Bar – The Hollywood Strike – Take 1

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Hollywood was alone in Sydney for a conference while The Chick was away in Asia. Here is his self narrated story.

I arrived in Sydney at night and was scheduled to be there for a couple of days. It was my intention to run wild with all the cluckers i could get my hands on. I was staying in the city. I checked in and ran straight to Jazz City Milk Bar to get another sweet crispy taste of Sydney’s good ol Fried Chicken before it was too late. I arrived just as the waitress was packing up the outdoor area. She saw me panting from my rush to be there. She knew i meant business. It’s fried clucks i want and she knew it damn well. I told her “ill be quick, I know what I want”. She understood my needs so she left one of the tables set up and I went for the Southern Fried Chicken burger packed with corn, Tobasco mayo and crisp lettuce with a side of creole french fries. The burger had the right blend. The 2 pieces of chicken were fried well, crunchy, and the tobasco mayo with the sweet corn gave a sweet and spicy taste.

It was good. It was damn good! Nuff said! Check out the photos:

2013-10-08 21.25.50

2013-10-08 21.25.36

2013-10-08 21.25.25

2013-10-08 21.31.55

2013-10-08 21.28.34

Hollywood’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks

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Jazz City Milk Bar – Round 2

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The Chick was up in sunny Sydney for work and Hollywood swung by to join in on some good ol Sydney fried chicken and see how it compared to our beloved Melbourne Fried Chicken.

We ended up visiting the same joint, Jazz City Milk Bar, after being informed that their Diner was closed. We had been attempting to go and experience their new BBQ grill, which was under construction last time. We missed our chance, but it was a fine excuse to enjoy the savory options at the Milk Bar.

We ordered the Texas Chilli Burger gone ultimate, southern fried chicken and waffles and The Chick’s favourite soul food; mac-n-cheese. Hollywood tried for the German Chocolate cake, then the banana cream pie, when both options were out he ended up with a chocolate pecan pie. As with all the other dishes this was packed with flavor and high fat goodness.

The service was oddly lackluster, with three waitresses standing behind the counter chatting and on the phone until we managed to catch their attention. But Jazz City delivered on the stuff that matters and it was purely amazing. Check out the photos of our revisit below (can you tell the Chick invested in a new camera?).