The Que Club

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The Que Club has always been high on the Melbourne Fried Chicken scene ever since we tried their smoked, then fried Nashville style chicken burger. So we were extremely delighted to get the invitation from them for an in-depth behind the scenes review of how they make their famous fried chicken burger.

We spoke to the head chef on how they make it with care, spices, love and the best ingredients available.

It all starts with the chicken being high quality free range organic from Inglewood Farms. Que Club makes their burger using chicken thighs. They are coated in a mixture of 3 types of flour with spices and dredged in buttermilk before they are fried. The spices used here are Nashville style, so think of cayenne and smoked paprika.

After they are fried they are coated with a thick rapeseed oil and spice mixture to give it an extra kick. The buns used are brioche (which sits really well with Hollywood) and they are accompanied on both sides with a generous amount of housemade aioli. The chicken ends up sitting on some lettuce and pickles and is topped with slightly melted cheese

Although this wasn’t the smoked, then fried, chicken burger it was still truly amazing. The blend of freshly cooked chicken with spices, cheese and sauces was a fabulous fried chicken messy feast that is just to die for.

We chatted a bit to Pam, the owner, and she explained to us how the Que Club started and how their vision transformed into what the place is today. The philosophy is that all the food they serve has touched fire or smoke at some point.

We were still a bit peckish and decided we couldn’t leave without having some of their smoked brisket. We went for the famous brisket burger which was some of the best brisket we’ve had. It was fall apart melt in your mouth and the way this burger is made with a special cooked slaw really makes the meat shine.

We have great admiration for what the Que Club does and cannot recommend giving them a visit enough. Pretty much everything we’ve had here is top notch and carefully thought of and delivered with excellence. Do yourself a favour, go now!

Our Rating: 10/10 Clucks

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Nicos Sandwich Deli

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Nicos Chicken Sando has been on the list for a while so decided to stop to have a visit and see how it stacks up in the Melbourne Fried Chicken Scene

This one was a really good combo. It came out hot and fresh and with the mix of cheese and pickles and sauces it was a beautiful messy sando to sink our teeth in

Hollywood’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks


Joey Smalls

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Joey Smalls is an exciting diner / bar space oozing of cool vibes on Sydney Rd. Its also home to groovy tunes and drinks going till late on the weekends.

One thing that is truly amazing is the food. It totally ticks the box on the Melbourne Fried Chicken scene and has lots of other tasty dishes such as burgers and tacos.

We haven’t been here for a while but on our visit back it was clearly evident that the masterminds behind this place still know how to dish up an amazing fried chook.

The fried chicken is cooked up southern style and served as tenders coming in either a half or full serve. It came out hot, steamy and juicy with perfect crunch and all the right spices. The sidekick sauces were really good too (go for the honey mustard for the that sweet win).

While the chicken was great lets not forget about the awesome juicy burger and the crispy onion rings.

All in all, Joey Smalls still has all the right tastes and vibes and we will definitely be back for more!

Rating: 9 / 10 Clucks

Meat Frankie

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Meat Frankie boasts American style burgers and has a menu that is similar to the likes of Five Guys. It’s more of a guide with basic burger options and then you can add an unlimited amount of toppings which is really great

Every once in a while the have a Melbourne Fried Chicken special sandwich. This post is about one of those specials.

The fried chicken special was really good with a crispy crumbed chicken patty fried fresh, pickles, greens and a generous amount of sauce with a little spicy kick.

While this was a great fried chicken sandwich my one beef is the chicken patty could’ve been a lil bit thicker. So Frankie, maybe consider making those patties a bit thicker?

Rating: 8.5/10 Clucks

Miss Moses

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We were expecting more from the fried chicken burger at Miss Moses. While the burger did look great, it just was a bit lacking in terms or spice levels for the fried chicken itself and perhaps having tobasco isnt enough of a kick

The mac-n-cheese on the hand was really good 😀

Our Review: 6/10 Clucks

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The Que Club

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Times are challenging but it’s to indulge in some good old Melbourne Fried Chicken and this place has a special offering where they actually smoke the chicken then fry it, so we really had to give it a go.

We couldn’t just go for the fried chicken burger, ofcourse we also piled on the brisket burger, grilled cauliflower and broccolini and some good ol shoestring fries. Enjoy the photos

You simply cannot go wrong with this fried chicken burger and on top of that, everything else was really amazing too. The chicken burger still retained smoky flavours and was still juicy and spicy as well. It is a thigh piece and they do add slaw and amazing sauce as well. The brisket burger was pretty amazing too. We will be back to try more of their smoked meats

Hollywood’s Rating: 9.5/10 Clucks

The Chick’s Rating: 9/10 Clucks

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Belles Fried Chicken Sanga

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This was a quick hit and run for Hollywood to satisfy the urge for a Melbourne Fried Chicken burger (or as Belle’s calls it – sandwich)

Our go to is usually Belle’s fried chicken sanga which is on the bigger side with the right mix of heat and messiness. Accompanied with some mac-n-cheese and we were in for a decent feast



This was a bit heavy to handle but did not disappoint and still is our go-to fried chicken burger


Hollywood’s Rating: 9/10 Clucks

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F.A.T. (Fried and Tasty)

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It’s been a while since we clucked some amazing Melbourne Fried Chicken and this place has been on our minds for a while after a few quick stops in the past we decided to give F.A.T. a proper review and boy oh boy it did not disappoint at all.

The Chick went for the fried chicken and waffles with a side of Mac-n-Cheese and Hollywood went for the chicken tenders and poutine

It was very freshly cooked and yummy, the feast was amazing. The chicken was great and rightly spiced

Check out that stretch-a-thon on the Mac-n-Cheese, Ooooohh!!

We are sorry we haven’t been back enough F.A.T. we will be visiting you more in the future (especially since you are close by in our hood) and a word of advice, you should check it out too!

Hollywood’ Rating: 9/10 Clucks
The Chick’s Rating: 8.5/10 Clucks

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The Art of Fried Chicken

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We met our friends for a new Melbourne Fried Chicken adventure at The Art of Fried Chicken.

Most of the group went with the burgers, however Hollywood did go for the pieces (mix of Nashville, Buffalo and Atlanta) and they were really a huge portion!!

Basically each piece was a single breast piece with the flavoring sauce on top.

However in all honesty, the burgers were the true winners here and were just the right blend of juiciness and cheesiness for a burger

Our rating: 7.5/10 Clucks

Screen Door – Portland

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Its been a while since we have clucked some great Melbourne fried chicken in a review but Screen Door in Portland pulled us right back in

This place is full of amazing southern style feeds and the fried chicken they had was simply amazing. Steamy, fresh and Crunchy as hell all with the right spices and when paired with the sweet waffles or with their heavenly rich sausage gravy it is an absolute banger!

Check out these amazing fried chooks below