Golden Fields (with The Spice Girl)

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The Spice Girl and Hollywood were looking forward to visiting Golden Fields for another Melbourne Fried Chicken adventure. Golden Fields is in St Kilda and boasts a great menu with the chicken being served on Sundays and Wednesdays only.

2013-10-06 18.57.47

We were told that the chicken is 9 pieces and comes with various dipping sauces. So we added to that order the twice cooked duck (with steamed bread, vinegar and plum sauces) and sauteed mixed greens.

The duck came out first and it was so amazing. It was crispy with the meat being so moist and falling apart. We had fun making yummy sandwiches using the bread and sauces. The sauteed mixed greens were very tasty as well.

2013-10-06 19.13.41

2013-10-06 19.13.47-2

2013-10-06 19.14.59

2013-10-06 19.16.14

2013-10-06 19.40.12

The fried chicken consisted mainly of wings and thigh pieces and seemed to be single coated and not spiced at all. The first couple of pieces seemed greasy but we found the treasure in golden field’s golden fried chooks being the side dipping sauces. There was a mayo, a chili sauce, and an amazing vinaigrette sauce. The chicken was OK but The main stars that managed to bring everything together were the sauces especially the vinaigrette sauce.

2013-10-06 19.40.20

2013-10-06 19.40.06

2013-10-06 19.53.08

2013-10-06 19.48.23

2013-10-06 20.02.30

We had our eyes set on desserts and went for the Peanut butter parfait, salted caramel and soft chocolate. It was just the right blend and very heavenly and quite literally “took the cake”.

2013-10-06 20.11.47

2013-10-06 20.11.41

Hollywood’s Rating: 6/10 Clucks
The Spice Girl’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks

All the god points were earned by the duck and amazing dessert

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*Sorry about some of the bad quality photos

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