Say Hey Joe’s Bar and Dining Hall

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We were directed here by a post on our Facebook page recommending the famous Joes’ Bar and Dining Hall which featured Melbourne Fried Chicken. The recommendation came from their executive chef: Katrina Higham. So we put it up on our Wall Of Clucks, waited for the right night and got ready to fly.

The Chick had just arrived from a long trip to the US and was ready to get her fingers greasy with some Melbourne Fried Chicken. We decided to cycle down to Joe’s to build up an appetite. We figured since their menu had the fried chicken as a snack we could have it as a light meal before the Chick passed out from Jetlag.


Right on the corner of Acland and Carlisle in St Kilda, Joe’s is a cross between a bar and a diner with both indoor and outdoor seating.


Upon looking at the menu it became clear our light meal plans were pointless since we had to try both the chicken and the burgers. The waiter told us that the chicken serve consisted of 3 pieces and could be sufficient as a meal on its own. So we decided on ordering the Southern Fried Chicken with chipotle sauce and lime, the beef sliders and onion rings and a good Victorian brewed pale lager for Hollywood and Daylesford ginger beer for the Chick.



The food arrived and we sunk our teeth into the hot chicken. The skin seemed moist and fluffy which was to Hollywood’s liking and the meat was cooked perfectly, tender and hot. All the chicken pieces were breast pieces, no bones about it. The true star feature of Joe’ southern fried chicken was the spice mix. The skin had a great spicy taste that made it very flavorful and just spicy hot to the right level that made us drooling for more and more. Now factor in the chiptole side sauce and the lime and you’ve got a dish that will make you say “Hey” . To give credit where it’s due, Joe’s Bar has mastered a southern fried chicken dish that is not to be overlooked. Thank You Joe! We’ll be back for sure, however Hollywood felt we might be needing more than just 3 pieces next time.

2013-03-09 21.06.27


The beef sliders and onion rings were good, but not the stars. We finished off with dessert: chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie for Hollywood, peanut butter ice cream cup that the Chick had the hots for and thought was incredible. But really, how can you go wrong with ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter!


Overall, Joe’s Bar and Dining Hall has really good chicken and atmosphere and we are keen on going to get some more. Hopefully we will get a chance to try the much raved about burgers. Go There Now!


Holywood Rating: 8.5/10 Clucks (Extra pointsfor the cool hip hop vibes – Q-Tip and Wu-Tang, keep ’em coming)

The Chick Rating: 8.5/10 Cluck (extra points for good use of social media and spices!)

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