KFC (featuring The Guns)

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It was a Friday night and Hollywood and the Guns were sinking a few cold ones in the hot Melbourne weather. There it was across the street, they were eyeing it, then eyeing each other, and in a weird way they knew it was eyeing them back. Yes, it was the big cluck monster of Melbourne Fried Chicken: KFC!

The Guns dropped it in mid conversation “We should have some food after these drinks and it’s about time you reviewed KFC”. There was a frequent argument presented by Melbourne Fried Chicken fans that we needed to review KFC because it could be considered as a baseline . KFC’s wicked wings were also being talked up largely. Hollywood knew The Chick wasn’t too keen on sampling KFC so considering she was out of town, this seemed like a good opportunity. So we downed our beers and headed over to KFC.

From looking at the menu we noticed that KFC were trying to promote their chicken burgers more than anything else, but we weren’t to be distracted. After a long discussion we decided on getting 2 orders of wicked wings (3 pieces) and 2 orders of 3 piece dinner boxes. We placed our orders and Hollywood tried being smart by asking for the chicken to be cooked fresh but was given rejection and odd looks instead. Must’ve been because of the tipsiness.

2013-03-08 20.11.05

2013-03-08 20.11.12

We were given our big tray of orders and parked ourselves at a table and started eating like no tomorrow.

2013-03-08 20.13.46

The chicken was hot, cooked through and greasy. The thigh pieces, as always, were very greasy. The wicked wings on the other hand consisted of wings and drummettes that had a thick crispy spicy skin that was very tasty.

2013-03-08 20.15.48

2013-03-08 20.18.02

2013-03-08 20.20.10-2

2013-03-08 20.29.38

2013-03-08 20.25.20

The accompanying sides were, if anything, less than average. They consisted of a white dinner roll, just OK fries, and very bad mashed potatoes and gravy.

2013-03-08 20.25.14

Both Hollywood and The Guns enjoyed KFC and thought that it was just the right meal for the moment. The Guns did state that KFC is a hit and miss kind of venue for Melbourne Fried Chicken, but this time it was closer to a hit.

Overall, it’s not a bad option but be selective and try to find a good well known branch with plenty of action to guarantee a more fresh taste.

2013-03-08 20.34.13

Hollywood’s Rating: 6/10 Clucks

The Guns’ Rating: 7.5/10 Clucks

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