Burger Boys (with The Guns and The Tan)

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Hollywood and the boys (The Guns and The Tan) were up for a good burger for their Friday lunch. They all headed to Burger Boys as it was recently listed to have some good burgers. To their surprise there were wings and a fried chicken burger which meant time for a new Melbourne Fried Chicken review.


We got the wings to share and the fried chicken burgers to try. The wings were listed as twice fried which sounded really good. The Kentucky Derby was the fried chicken burger which came as twice fried chicken with sriracha mayo with saigon slow and Hi-melt american cheese. The usual fries, rings and beers accompanied.



While the wings were cooked well and were piping hot, they did lack any spices at all. That was a bit of a bummer, luckily we ordered some hot dipping sauce which helped a bit.




The fried chicken burger was really good. It was a big piece of chicken with the right sauces.





The burgers here are the champions, skip the wings and go for the Kentucky Derby, it is definitely worth the ride!

Hollywood’s Rating: 7.5/10 Clucks

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