Mr Big Stuff (Not so big after all)

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16 Meyers Pl Melbourne, VIC

Hollywood and some work mates were out for a lunch catch up and it was suggested to try out Mr Big Stuff. After checking out the menu Hollywood was pleased to know that they serve their own version of Melbourne Fried Chicken and it didnt take long before he was all over it.


We were surprised to find out that the lunch menu was different than the online menu! It was even more disappointing that they had set lunch deals and didnt allow any changes which really sucked. Hollywood ended up ording the fried chicken and waffles which comes with pigs ears in a lettuce wrap and with grilled corn. A Mac-n-cheese order was made on the side as well.


The biggest disappointment was that the chicken serving wasn’t big at all!! It was just two pieces of fried chicken, one being a small tender piece and the other was a thigh piece.



To give credit where it is due, the chicken was of good quality and cooked fresh. It was steaming hot and there was a spicy taste towards the end however the breading did fall apart easily and it was single coated and did separate from the skin. The side hot sauce wasn’t hot at all which was another fail! The mac-n-cheese was ok but was a bit runny which isnt to Hollywood’s liking.









While this joint claims to have “Big Stuff” the biggest thing found was disappointment. There’s really nothing special here and if you are in the city do yourself a favor and skip this place as there are many other places worthwhile to visit.



Hollywood’s Rating: 5/10 Clucks

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