Le Joint

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Hollywood and the boys were celebrating the beginning of Movember and their cleanly shaven upper lips and what better way to celebrate than sinking down a few cold brews and gobbling down some good ol crispy Melbourne Fried Chicken

Le Joint was on Hollywood’s radar ever since it popped up on the webby web as a cool funky place with good burgers and chooks. Also we all had an urge to get our fortune told by the one and only Zoltar!


We reached there and got a few Dos Blockos beers and went for 3 orders of the southern fried chicken along with one serve of chips to share.

2013-11-01 18.40.01

The chicken arrived in a portion of 3 pieces accompanied with a corn aioli dipping sauce. We struggled a bit to start as the pieces were steaming hot which was a good testimony to how fresh the chooks were. They were lightly spiced, and very tender. The drumstick was the only boned piece while the breast and thigh pieces were boneless. The skin was crispy and single coated. Overall the chicken was good with a good price to portion ratio and sat well with the Mo Bros however Hollywood found that it couldve been heavier with the spices and a bit extra greasy to his liking. The chips seemed reheated and weren’t that good.

2013-11-01 19.16.02

2013-11-01 19.16.08

2013-11-01 19.16.15

2013-11-01 19.18.01

2013-11-01 19.18.09

2013-11-01 19.20.05

2013-11-01 19.20.22

2013-11-01 19.25.32

2013-11-01 19.25.27

Le Joint is a really cool funky place to check out and the chicken there is good. Next visit we shall try their famous wagyu burger. Extra points for the famous Zoltar.

Time Out Melbourne

Hollywood’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks
Eric and CS’s Rating: 8/10 Clucks

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