Kappaya Kitchen

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Was time for some awesome Japanese style Melbourne Fried Chicken and we had such a great treat at Kappaya Japanase Soul Food in Abbotsford in the Convent.

We were there waiting to hear our friend perform and we decided to grab a bite. We found this cafe style place in the convent and it was boasting Japanese Soul Food!



To our surprise we found tempura chicken, which we knew was called Karaage in Japan. So went with an order of that to share






The chicken was covered in saucy mixture and was very juicy and fresh. The sauce mix did add more to the juiciness and the pieces were boneless and rather big, which made it good for sharing. The sauce was more like a batter sauce which made it a bit greasy and the side sauce did add a good taste. However overall the chicken wasnt top notch but we kinda recommend this place if you’re in the area.

Hollywood’s Rating: 6/10 Clucks

Address: 1 St Heliers Street,Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC

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