Burmese Fried Chicken

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Hollywood and The Chick were spending some well deserved vacation time in Myanmar (or as Mr Peterman would call it, Burma) and we asked the locals about fried chicken this is what we got. The marketing was a bit ahead of the experience. But none of us got sick and it was really cheap!

One of many friendly street side stalls in Nyaungshwe.

One of many friendly street side stalls in Nyaungshwe.


70 cents per piece! What a deal.


Precooked and ready to serve!


You have to respect the confidence, but I suppose most people in Myanmar don’t ever leave the country, so it is quite possible that this is the best fried chicken in their world.


Served promptly in a convenient plastic bag, sticks and all.




Cooked through and seasoned, but a bit dry and not so fresh (as expected).

To give Myanmar its fair due, their ingredients are some of the best we have had, especially the fruits, vegetables and fish. The salads were really magnificent, especially the Tea Leaf Salad which Hollywood had every single day of the trip. However the fried chicken we had (especially from CP) was not something to rave about. Do yourself a favor if you visit, stick to their amazing local dishes.

We were also lucky enough to find a real life Mr. Peterman (under another name) who was flying our hot air balloon over Bagan. Indulge in Seinfeld nostalgia here:


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