Heaven Sent Fried Chicken – Labor Day Treat

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The Chick was lucky enough to be in the Good Ol’ USofA during the Northern Summer – escaping the worst of the Melbourne winter. And while it crushed her to savor Fried Chicken without Hollywood, it had to be done. Friends “K” and “J Cluck” knew of the best Fried Chicken in Seattle, complete with legal drama and Oprah link.

It all began with Ezell’s Fried Chicken in Lynnwood. Purported to be Oprah’s favorite chicken, and started by Ezell Stephens and Lewis Rudd. Somewhere along the way, Ezell and the rest of the EFC crew split and Ezell started his own chain, branded “Heaven Sent” and using the same breading recipe.


One of the original founders of Ezell’s


The Chick, K and J Cluck had a free day, thanks to the Labor Day holiday and decided to grab a meal before the final scrabble game of the trip.

The menu gives a lot of options for sides and chicken styles. The Chick got the 2 Piece Meal with small sides (Mac n’ Cheese, obviously, and Collared Greens) and a large Soda (Root Beer for nostalgia’s sake).




We only eat the finest fast food!


The chicken is made in large batches and it was not a busy day, so our chicken sat under the lamps a bit too long. The biscuits were fluffy and soft, not the KFC style, and a touch sweet. Good for soaking up gravy.


The sides were pretty good for fast food. The Mac n’ Cheese was gooey and a bit peppery. The collared greens were over cooked, but you gotta have something green to balance out all the carbs and fat!


Leg and Thigh. Always go for the dark meat.



The meat was juicy, the breading was thick and the skin was crispy. The coating was flavorful and not too greasy. The skin was the best part as it should be with Fried Chicken.

The Chick isn’t convinced this is the best Fried Chicken in the states, but it is served Fast Food style, so given the price and convenience, this is a recommended stop on your way through Seattle.

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