Miss Katie’s Crab Shack, Needs Some Shaking Up

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Hollywood and the gang went to check out Miss Katie’s Crab Shack and see how she ranks in the Melbourne Fried Chicken scene. Miss Katie’s was formerly known as Dr Juicy Jay’s. Dr. Juicy Jay’s did rank well when the chicken scene hit it up for a review the first time so we were very eager to see if Katie could do better than the Doctor.

We ordered a whole bunch food consisting of the buffalo wings which were on special, the bucket of prawns, the crab, and the fried chicken. The wings were really good however seemed to be overpriced standing at 16$ for 6 full wing pieces, seriously, what the falafel?!

We were turned off by the prawns being cold and they no longer were served in the chili lemon sauce that the doctor perfected. The crab boil was ok for what it is, but moving on it was the chicken we were here to cluck.

The chicken no longer came as a sea of tender pieces but rather 6 pieces of chicken on the bone. The spices were good however Hollywood was majorly disappointed to find out that the drumstick wasn’t properly cooked all the way. Parts of it were on the raw side and very chewy. This was a first for the chicken scene.

Conclusion: Out of all the places we reviewed so far none have served us uncooked chicken. Miss Katie, you need to shape up because the magic the Juicy Dr had going for the crab shack seems to have disappeared!

Hollywood’s Rating: 1.5/10 Clucks

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2014-02-12 19.41.51

2014-02-12 19.41.59
2014-02-12 19.37.21

2014-02-12 19.49.04

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