Chambers Fried Chicken

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During an epic night of drinks out in Melbourne, our friend Wes mentioned how he has a good recipe for fried chicken and thus a deal was made between him & Holywood. Wes was invited to wreak havoc on our deep fryer and deliver us his famous fried chicken. We set a date and turned over our kitchen and fryer (remember – never deep fry while drunk) to see what magic tricks he could teach us.

Check out how Wes turned these raw materials into some finger lickin’ golden crispy :

2013-04-17 20.02.33

2013-04-17 20.09.55

2013-04-17 20.16.30

2013-04-17 20.22.18

2013-04-17 20.24.08

2013-04-17 20.32.01-2

2013-04-17 20.35.02

2013-04-17 20.49.47

2013-04-17 20.49.54

Dizzy supplied the roasted potatoes and a perfectly prepared Halumi salad to complement the main. Since we are all extra careful cooking chicken, we may have kept them in the fryer too long. So some of the pieces were just a little bit dry but that didnt stop us from smashing all the chicken.

It was fun to get such a wonderful meal from our kitchen without doing a thing!


Wes knows his chicken and breading! In this day and age, it’s good to know someone like Wes Chambers, otherwise our fryer would not get the attention it deserves.

Wes, we are ready for round 2! This time we can trust the thermometers.

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