The Parlor Diner

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The Parlor Diner is a small, down to earth diner-style restaurant at the Windsor side of Chapel street. This venue was not on our original list, but was recommended by chickenwe-keen friends since its menu boasts crispy buttermilk fried chicken and a wide range of American comfort food: burgers, hot dogs, ribs and many more tasty delights. Parlor diner is a no fuss, Americana decorated diner that adds needed character to the area.

We had previously tried checking this place out on Melbourne Cup day, but despite being American style, it still has Aussie hours. But on a random Friday night we decided to give the place another shot. With our lovely friend Christina with us, we scored a table and were all hyped up and excited to get our fingers all greased up with some Melbourne fried chicken.
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We ordered 6 pieces of crispy buttermilk fried chicken, ribs, mac-n-cheese, and a halloumi salad. The food took a while to arrive but being able to watch the homey decor of the place and watch (and smell) our food being cooked was an enjoyable way to kill time. First up: a salad  piled with halloumi, mushrooms and avocados (big win there). Shortly afterwards with the mascarpone mac-n-cheese which was a bit light and creamy with a slight hint of sweetness. The Chick thought that deserved extra points.

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Then, the moment we had been craving, the fried chicken arrived. It was all the buttermilk crispy chicken goodness we were promised. The skin was crunchy and seemed to have been coated evenly with corn flake crumbs. The pieces were white breast strips and were steaming hot. They were too hot to the point that Hollywood had a hard time attacking the chops by hand. But he endured, blistered hands and all because the chicken was great! It had that proper balance of crispy coating and moist melt in your mouth meat that was tender but not greasy at all!

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Our half order of baby back ribs arrived a while afterwards and was a good hearty portion of tender sweat meat covered in a smokey hickory sauce. The meat was so tender and hot, it fell right off the bones and melted easily. The hot sauce was a good side sauce for both meats.

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The Parlor Diner and staff have character and the food has the desired comfort favors. We will be back, many, many more times. The hot dogs and the burgers smelled amazing as well. Plus the true American style breakfast options may compete for our brunch attention next weekend. See you soon Parlor Diner!

Hollywood Rating: 8/10 clucks    

The Chick Rating: 8.5/10 clucks

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