Hollywood and The Chick

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It was a rainy night in Melbourne town. I was alone at the bar drowning myself in my Hawthorn remembering those golden days, when in walked The Chick. What brought us together was our passion for fried chicken. But what had us debating was where to get it. Where do we get our Melbourne Fried Chicken?

The Chick: We’ll never find it here, its all Colonel Sanders and Red Roosters running around in this town

Hollywood: No! I’m sure there’s Southern Fried Chicken in the Southern Hemisphere. We must keep searching for them golden skins.

Their rousing argument attracted the attention of the other patrons and by the end of the night Hollywood had found hope in the following list of Melbourne Fried Chicken places:

  • Gami
  • Gumbo Kitchen
  • Hong Kong Dessert House
  • Catches Chicken & Seafood Bar
  • Spice Temple Melbourne recipe
  • Glen Huntley Charcoal Chicken
  • KassKass
  • Hallah
  • Chicken Ranch

…But The Chick has her money on what they could crisp in their own deep fryer

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