MoVida (at the airport)

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SYD: Terminal 2 (After Security) Sydney Airport Sydney, NSW

Hollywood was stranded in Sydney airport because of the Melbourne fog . With enough time to spare before the rescheduled flight back home he decided to take a trip to Movida fried chicken town.


The order consisted of the Bomba, Croquette and Fried Chicken


The Bomba and Croquette were really amazing and are to die for. Always a favorite at Movida




The chicken was very well spiced and the lemon made a great difference. Chicken pieces were so fresh, crunchy and tasty. The bone pieces lacked some of the spices but were still gobbled down in an effort to leave no chicken piece behind.










If you are ever at Sydney or Melbourne airports and have time to kill, do yourself a favor, skip the junk meals and head straight to Movida. You will not regret it at all.


Hollywood’s Rating: 8.5/10 Clucks

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Heaven Sent Fried Chicken – Labor Day Treat

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The Chick was lucky enough to be in the Good Ol’ USofA during the Northern Summer – escaping the worst of the Melbourne winter. And while it crushed her to savor Fried Chicken without Hollywood, it had to be done. Friends “K” and “J Cluck” knew of the best Fried Chicken in Seattle, complete with legal drama and Oprah link.

It all began with Ezell’s Fried Chicken in Lynnwood. Purported to be Oprah’s favorite chicken, and started by Ezell Stephens and Lewis Rudd. Somewhere along the way, Ezell and the rest of the EFC crew split and Ezell started his own chain, branded “Heaven Sent” and using the same breading recipe.


One of the original founders of Ezell’s


The Chick, K and J Cluck had a free day, thanks to the Labor Day holiday and decided to grab a meal before the final scrabble game of the trip.

The menu gives a lot of options for sides and chicken styles. The Chick got the 2 Piece Meal with small sides (Mac n’ Cheese, obviously, and Collared Greens) and a large Soda (Root Beer for nostalgia’s sake).




We only eat the finest fast food!


The chicken is made in large batches and it was not a busy day, so our chicken sat under the lamps a bit too long. The biscuits were fluffy and soft, not the KFC style, and a touch sweet. Good for soaking up gravy.


The sides were pretty good for fast food. The Mac n’ Cheese was gooey and a bit peppery. The collared greens were over cooked, but you gotta have something green to balance out all the carbs and fat!


Leg and Thigh. Always go for the dark meat.



The meat was juicy, the breading was thick and the skin was crispy. The coating was flavorful and not too greasy. The skin was the best part as it should be with Fried Chicken.

The Chick isn’t convinced this is the best Fried Chicken in the states, but it is served Fast Food style, so given the price and convenience, this is a recommended stop on your way through Seattle.

Belle’s Hot Chicken

150-156 Gertrude St Fitzroy, VIC


Belle’s Hot Chicken has been highly anticipated by The Chicken Scene ever since news leaked out that Belle’s Diner would be transformed into a Nashville style chicken restaurant. The way the menu is setup was a clear sign that this will be a huge Melbourne Fried Chicken contender.



The menu is simple yet so dynamic at Belle’s and is based off of a Meat and Heat combination. You get to pick the cut of meat you want (Wings, Tenders, or Dark Meat) and then you get to pick the Heat (Mild, Hot, Very Hot, and Very F***ing Hot). Pure Genius!

Hollywood was a lone wolf for this mission but was really hungry so ended up ordering the tenders with the heat level of Hot, Mac-n-cheese and the fries with a side of blue cheese sauce.



The chicken came out in a basket with the fries, while the mac-n-cheese came out in a side cup. The chicken consisted of 3 pieces and hot it was. It was freshly cooked, and was steamy and juicy. The spices were really good and factored a lot into the heat level of the chicken. The breading was a single coat of breading but was satisfying. Dipping the chicken into the blue cheese sauce made a winning combo. This chicken was a champion.






The Mac-N-Cheese was a little bit spicy and was very creamy which was a good combination while the fries were evil good.






Belle’s Hot Chicken is very well worth it and is one of the best crispy Melbourne Fried Chicken adventures. It is one of the places that has focused solely on the chooks as its main star. We are eager to go back to try different Meat and Heat mixes.



Hollywood’s Rating: 9.5/10 Clucks

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Dr Morse Bar and Eatery

274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Hollywood was with some friends for a farewell and little did he know that he was about to do another Melbourne Fried Chicken review. The joint is called Dr Morse Bar and Eatery. This bar is located in Abbotsford and is a good hang out joint on a chill weekend day.

We found fried chicken on the menu and had to order it but the experience wasnt that redeeming. The chicken pieces were chicken ribs which made them small in size and perfect size for a snack. Although the the chicken was fresh and steamy, the pieces were dry and unflavored which didnt really sit well and everyone agreed made the experience average.







You should check out Dr Morse if you are in the area however do yourself a flavorful favor and skip the fried chicken. A few other friends got the burger and said it was really good so maybe give that a try.

Hollywood’s Rating: 4.5/10 Clucks

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Chick-In (with Guns and The Tan)


Hollywood and co (The Tan and Guns) were up for some good old Melbourne Fried Chicken with beers for an epic Friday lunch, so they headed down the street from work towards Chick-In.


Chick-In was recommended in some blogs and articles about the best that Melbourne Fried Chicken has to offer. It is Korean style chicken which is always good with some beer. The joint was packed and we had to wait a bit but finally landed some seats at the communal bar like tables.


We placed 2 orders of the Gang Jung (1 soy and 1 spicy) and 1 spicy Korean Style Chicken Schnitzel with chips and 1 order of spicy Korean fried chicken wings and a jug of beer.


Although the place had a funky decor, the chicken wasnt that great. The Gang Jung was similar to nuggets and while it seemed fresh it wasnt really spicy. The chicken taste wasnt that prominent and was covered in more of a sweet chili sauce which gave it more of a sweet taste which overpowered the whole experience. This was the same case for the wings and chicken schnitzel. The soy version had similar tastes but was a bit more saltier which made it seem better.







Chick-In does boast some funky vibes but fails to deliver the much anticipated crispy crunch.

Hollywood’s Rating: 4.5/10 Clucks

Guests Rating: 4/10 Clucks

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The Local Taphouse

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Hollywood and The Chick were heading for a Foster The People gig in St Kilda and were keen for a hearty meal at one of Hollywood’s favorite bars, The Local Taphouse. Little did they know, they were up for a Melbourne Fried Chicken crispy adventure.

The Local Taphouse has been a beer institute and has been labeled as “the best beer bar in the land”. The Taphouse has wood panels and beer memorabilia that create a warm and welcoming traditional pub feel reminiscent of a vintage 1930s European beer tavern.


We were surprised to find Southern Fried Chicken on their menu so we went for it alongside the 3 beef burger and the broccoli side and two cool beers (A pilsner and a wheat beer for The Chick).



The burger came out as an above average pub burger that came with sinful fries. The broccoli was hot and crisp and just the right side of greens to satisfy The Chick’s healthy requirements.



The chicken was surprisingly good. It was served in a bucket and consisted of 4 big chicken breast tender pieces that were crispy golden and very steamy, fresh and tasty. The chicken was lightly spiced however when dipped into the chili aioli came out with a lovely kick, yum!











The Local is an amazing bar with amazing food that gets the stamp of approval from The Chicken Scene.

Hollywood’s Rating: 8/10 Clucks

The Chick’s Rating: 8.5/10 Clucks

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