Taiwan Pop Chicken at The Suzuki Night Market

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Queen Victoria Night Market

Hollywood found a crispy surprise of Melbourne Fried Chicken at the Suzuki night market (at The Queen Victoria Night Market on Wednesdays). The style of chicken was Taiwanese and had the signature flavor of Tapioca style breading which tasted so good








If you are at the Vicky for the Wednesday night market and are having the feeling for a good crunchy fried chicken meal then give this place a go. It is good!

Hollywood’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks

Night Noodle Market Fails to Impress

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Melbourne always has some food event on and since this is Good Food Month it is even more true. The sun is out and so are the red lanterns marking the Night Noodle Markets. This is the second year and they learned a lot of lessons from last year in terms of layout and seating. Sadly it was not the best place to find Melbourne Fried Chicken.

Lucky Cat welcomes you!

Lucky Cat welcomes you!

Hollywood and The Chick tried two places, one of which was severely lacking, the other was acceptable for fair food.

Izakaya Den looked promising

Izakaya Den looked promising

A squeeze of lemon and a side of mayo for this Chicken Karage just didn't make up for the lack of flavor in the chicken morsels themselves.

A squeeze of lemon and a side of mayo for this Chicken Karage just didn’t make up for the lack of flavor in the chicken morsels themselves.

So bad we had to bin it in hopes of finding something better.

So bad we had to bin it in hopes of finding something better.

Gogi offered a second chance. This time, Korean Fried Chicken.

Gogi offered a second chance. This time, Korean Fried Chicken.

Friendly Gogi service from a big food truck.

Friendly Gogi service from a big food truck.


Nice nuggets with a bit of bone.

Nice nuggets with a bit of bone.

Belle’s “Really F**king” Hot Chicken!

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150-156 Gertrude St Fitzroy VIC 3065
When Hollywood and the Chick started exploring the Melbourne Fried Chicken scene, it was a nascent scene. But these days, it is in full swing, so much so that Belle’s Diner has been redesigned and renamed “Belle’s Hot Chicken”.
Meat, Heat, Sauces, Sides, Eat

Meat, Heat, Sauces, Sides, Eat (not Fat)

Menu options - this time it is "Really F**ing Hot"

Menu options – this time it is “Really F**ing Hot”

Hollywood had returned without the Chick, and after validating it was worthy, returned with a full entourage, including the Chick, to watch him take on the “Really F**king Hot” version.
The Chick ordered the the Dark meat “Southern” style with a side of Mac n Cheese with extra pickles. And for a touch of class, a glass of sparkling wine, Brut and the Beast. I’m not sure if it was the wine or the lack of a proper flute, but it just didn’t bubble enough for my tastes, but hey, don’t judge a chicken spot by its sparkling wine!
Southern Style Dark Meat with Mac n Cheese and extra pickles

Southern Style Dark Meat with Mac n Cheese and extra pickles

The “Southern” style is a bit seasoned, but not spicy at all. So the Chick piled on the hot sauce from the conveniently placed bottle. It is a good way to take control of your amount of spicy if you aren’t sure what the different options really taste like.
Sparkling wine in the wrong glass, but plenty of hot sauce and a side of Mac n Cheese made up for it.

Sparkling wine in the wrong glass, but plenty of hot sauce and a side of Mac n Cheese made up for it.

The medium spiced Mushrooms on the other hand were hotter than expected and crisped to a dark color. Wonderfully hot and spicy, recommended for any mushroom lover.
Medium spiced Mushrooms. So moist and crispy!

Medium spiced Mushrooms. So moist and crispy!

Finally, Hollywood had the “Really Fucking Hot” Tenders. The red color warns you right away that there may be some fire there. It is a heat that creeps up on you, but after a full basket his lips were burning! Not the hottest chili available, but hotter than most would care to savor. Next time the Chick is taking it up to the top notch to prove she can handle the same!
Really F**ing Hot Tenders with Mac n Cheese and pickles.

Really F**ing Hot Tenders with Mac n Cheese and pickles.

Hollywood: 9/10 Clucks
The Chick: 8.5/10 – new favorite!

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Mr Big Stuff (Not so big after all)

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16 Meyers Pl Melbourne, VIC

Hollywood and some work mates were out for a lunch catch up and it was suggested to try out Mr Big Stuff. After checking out the menu Hollywood was pleased to know that they serve their own version of Melbourne Fried Chicken and it didnt take long before he was all over it.


We were surprised to find out that the lunch menu was different than the online menu! It was even more disappointing that they had set lunch deals and didnt allow any changes which really sucked. Hollywood ended up ording the fried chicken and waffles which comes with pigs ears in a lettuce wrap and with grilled corn. A Mac-n-cheese order was made on the side as well.


The biggest disappointment was that the chicken serving wasn’t big at all!! It was just two pieces of fried chicken, one being a small tender piece and the other was a thigh piece.



To give credit where it is due, the chicken was of good quality and cooked fresh. It was steaming hot and there was a spicy taste towards the end however the breading did fall apart easily and it was single coated and did separate from the skin. The side hot sauce wasn’t hot at all which was another fail! The mac-n-cheese was ok but was a bit runny which isnt to Hollywood’s liking.









While this joint claims to have “Big Stuff” the biggest thing found was disappointment. There’s really nothing special here and if you are in the city do yourself a favor and skip this place as there are many other places worthwhile to visit.



Hollywood’s Rating: 5/10 Clucks

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North Carlton Canteen

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1008 Lygon St North Carlton Carlton North VIC 3054

Our friends mentioned to us that they have a Melbourne Fried Chicken burger that is worth reviewing at North Carlton Canteen (NCC) so Hollywood, the Chick and Co decided to head up there for a good Sunday brunch



NCC’s menu has a wide variety of cafe style dishes and boasts quite a range of burgers however Hollywood had his focus set on the Southern Fried Chicken burger in a brioche that is made of NCC’s special blend of herbs and spices rubbed chicken, house slaw, melting cheese, spicy tomato aioli and hand cut chips





The fried chicken burger was huge and boasted many spices. It was definitely a generous portioned burger and it was a bit too hot to handle for The Chick however that didnt stop Hollywood from devouring it.

The chicken patty was crispy and heavly spiced with all kinds of flavors which did make the chicken seem overpowering to the rest of the mix. Although the burger was juicy the cheese and aioli flavors were shadowed by the steaming hot chicken. The chicken did seem freshly cooked and was of a good quality and the slaw added a good contrasting flavor.







North Carlton Canteen is a great cafe to visit with all kinds of menu favorite and specials that keep things fresh. Its definitely worth checking out

North Carlton Canteen on Urbanspoon


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490 Flinders St Melbourne VIC 3000

KassKass has been on the chicken scene’s list ever since day one right up there with Gami. Hollywood and The Chick were out for drinks in the city and after a few beers here and there they decided it was time for some yummy Korean style Melbourne Fried Chicken.


We ended up getting the Okonomiyaki (a favorite of The Chick’s) and the half and half boneless chicken of the original and hot and spicy chicken with two tap beers to drink. We were warned that the spicy chicken is very hot, but we thought they just didnt know us that well so we let it pass.

















The chicken was authentic Korean style chicken. it was small size pieces cooked fresh. The spicy pieces werent that spicy. We enjoyed the chicken and the okonomiyaki was different than the authentic type we had in Japan but was pleasurable nonetheless.


KassKass is a cool Korean place if you are craving some Korean style fried chicken and you are in that side of town


Hollywood’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks

The Chick’s Rating: 7/10 Clucks

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599 Church St Richmond, VIC

Kong is Chin Chin’s cousin brought by the same group and boasting many rich Korean, Japanese and American flavors. Hollywood was happy to find out that Kong had Melbourne Fried Chicken offerings in the form of fried chicken wings.


Kong has both a takeaway and a more elaborate dine in menu. Hollywood opted for the takeaway option and ordered the Korean fried wings with honey, garlic and sesame alongside the famous kimchi and pulled BBQ pork bun.















Kong’s Korean fried chicken wings are fresh and have a great sweet and savory flavor with a hint of garlic that is truly amazing. The other dishes are also very fresh and tasty.

Hollywood’s Rating (for the fried wings): 8/10 Clucks

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