The Wall Of Clucks


So we’ve had a few Melbourne Fried Chicken adventures and have received many of your recommendations which made us decide on coming up with a page to list the places we’ve been to, how we’ve rated them and what’s next on the list.

Without further a d0, we give you, The Wall Of Clucks!

Venue Rating
Gami 7.5/10 Clucks
Hallah 6/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
5/10 Clucks (The Chick)
The Merrywell 4.5/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
3/10 Clucks (The Chick)
Parlor Diner 8/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
8.5/10 Clucks (The Chick)
Colonel Tan’s 4/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
5/10 Clucks (The Chick)
Mamak 5.5/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
6/10 Clucks (The Chick)
Cookie 6/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
6.5/10 Clucks (The Chick)
KFC 3.5/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
3.5/10 Clucks (The Tan)
Joes bar and Dining Hall 8.5 Clucks
Kodiak club (menu changed) 9/10 Clucks
Dr.Juicy Jay’s Fried Chicken and Crab Shack 7.5/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
7/10 Clucks (The Chick)
Gramercy Bistro 6/10 Clucks
Trunk Diner 2.5/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
3.5/10 Clucks (The Spice Girl)
Rockwell and Sons 8/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
7/10 Clucks (The Chick)
Belle’s Diner 7/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
7.5/10 Clucks (The Chick)
The B.East 4.5/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
4/10 Clucks (The Chick)
Golden Fields 6/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
7/10 Clucks (The Spice Girl)
Le Joint 7/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
8/10 Clucks (Eric and The Tan)
The Beaufort 8/10 Clucks (Hollywood)
8/10 Clucks (The Chick)
The Collection
Gumbo Kitchen
Hong Kong Dessert House
Catches Chicken & Seafood Bar
Spice Temple Melbourne Recipe
Chicken Ranch
Mr Lees
We Cafe
St Katherine’s

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