Belle’s Hot Chicken – The Captain’s Review

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As The Chick is currently overseas and building a repertoire of China Chicken joints to visit, Hollywood invited a rabble of guests (the Mad Macedonian, The SatMan, The Captain, Hollywood himself and Fidel) to Belles in Fitzroy to see how things were going in Melbourne Fried Chicken land.
It was very busy when we arrived, the wait for a table was 15 minutes at least. We were offered a drink and the next door bar.
The vibe was great. They were playing Saturday Night Fever on Vinyl! This made the Captain very happy.
The Menu had everything you would want from a Chicken House
We were all pretty hungry and wanted to get into the main course so we skipped snacks. We all ordered Tenders with sides. The big decision though was ‘how hot’. The Captain wanted to go all out but was talked out of it. Instead we all went HOT apart from The macedonian who can’t handle heat of any kind and went southern instead. We were told that ‘Hot’ had some bite, and it certainly did.
Sides ordered by the team were a picture of Old Bay Fries and Broccoli and Almond Salad. Food arrived within 10 minutes.
Serving sizes were generous with 4-5 tenders of decent size accompanied by fresh pickles and your chosen side.
The Chicken was both Hot (spicy) and served Hot (heat). The breading was not soggy at all, stayed on the chicken without falling off, and had a good amount of crispiness when eaten. The chicken was cooked fresh and was hot(heat) and moist. Mixed with the hot spice it was very tasty without being so hot that you felt uncomfortable. Hot (spicy) was Hot enough to make a nose run but not eyes as well.
The fries were very crispy and tasty and served hot(heat) as with the chicken. No one went hungry.
Hollywood had a dipping sauce to add to the overall experience. The menu had a number of sauces to choose from.
The broccoli salad was tasty and complemented the meal well if you didn’t go for the fries.
Surprisingly to the Captain, the chicken was served on a piece of white bread which absorbed excess Hot Sauce whilst leaving you the option to eat the bread also. Very Thoughtful.

Overall the rabble of guest reviewers were very happy.


Belles Hot Chicken doesn’t disappoint. Hot is Hot and don’t go any hotter unless you value tasting the Heat perhaps over tasting the chicken. Southern was reported as not Hot (spicy) but very appetising for those who can’t handle the heat. Fries were great, sides taken were all very good.

The Captains Rating: 9.5/10 Clucks
Hollywoods Rating: 9.5/10 Clucks

Address: 150-156 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy VIC

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The Workers Club

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Hollywood had a gig at The Workers Club and noticed the menu boasted Fried Chicken Ribs. So he went for it to see how it ranks among Melbourne Fried Chicken. Check out the pics and verdict below:




The chicken was OK and was spiced cajun style. It was freshly cooked and had a pile of herby spices on top which gave it a bit of a kick. The combination was good however for that part of town there might be better options around. Nonetheless it’s not a bad chook option that you can get at the Worker’s Club

Hollywood’s Rating: 5/10 Clucks

Address: 51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC

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Kappaya Kitchen

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Was time for some awesome Japanese style Melbourne Fried Chicken and we had such a great treat at Kappaya Japanase Soul Food in Abbotsford in the Convent.

We were there waiting to hear our friend perform and we decided to grab a bite. We found this cafe style place in the convent and it was boasting Japanese Soul Food!



To our surprise we found tempura chicken, which we knew was called Karaage in Japan. So went with an order of that to share






The chicken was covered in saucy mixture and was very juicy and fresh. The sauce mix did add more to the juiciness and the pieces were boneless and rather big, which made it good for sharing. The sauce was more like a batter sauce which made it a bit greasy and the side sauce did add a good taste. However overall the chicken wasnt top notch but we kinda recommend this place if you’re in the area.

Hollywood’s Rating: 6/10 Clucks

Address: 1 St Heliers Street,Abbotsford, Melbourne, VIC

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JFC – Jordanian Fried Chicken (Champions and Crispy Chicken)

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Hollywood and the Chick were visiting Jordan and decided to sample some JFC to see how it compares to good ol’ Melbourne Fried Chicken. The chicken contenders were Cahmpions fried chicken burger and Crispy Chicken











Crispy Chicken








These JFC options were a bit more fast food style. They were OK but as a fast food meal but not the best to be had. Other options to be tried out in the future

Burmese Fried Chicken

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Hollywood and The Chick were spending some well deserved vacation time in Myanmar (or as Mr Peterman would call it, Burma) and we asked the locals about fried chicken this is what we got. The marketing was a bit ahead of the experience. But none of us got sick and it was really cheap!

One of many friendly street side stalls in Nyaungshwe.

One of many friendly street side stalls in Nyaungshwe.


70 cents per piece! What a deal.


Precooked and ready to serve!


You have to respect the confidence, but I suppose most people in Myanmar don’t ever leave the country, so it is quite possible that this is the best fried chicken in their world.


Served promptly in a convenient plastic bag, sticks and all.




Cooked through and seasoned, but a bit dry and not so fresh (as expected).

To give Myanmar its fair due, their ingredients are some of the best we have had, especially the fruits, vegetables and fish. The salads were really magnificent, especially the Tea Leaf Salad which Hollywood had every single day of the trip. However the fried chicken we had (especially from CP) was not something to rave about. Do yourself a favor if you visit, stick to their amazing local dishes.

We were also lucky enough to find a real life Mr. Peterman (under another name) who was flying our hot air balloon over Bagan. Indulge in Seinfeld nostalgia here: